Truncate a String in Swift 2.0

I’ve been working on a project developing an iOS app in Swift and found the need to trim a string down to a specific number of characters. Since most of my coding experience was with the web, I started searching for the easy to use equivalent of Javascript’s .substring() function. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find one that was so cut and dry. I did however take what I was able to find and extend the String class to add my own function to it.

Quick Tip: nginx Global Rewrite Issue – JS, CSS, & Images Not Found

I spent a couple hours struggling with this due to poor logging, I’m documenting it here for future reference. Issue: Using an nginx rewrite directive within a location to rewrite "clean" user friendly URLs into server-processible requests results in .js, […]

It’s an Invasion! Oh, Nevermind. It’s Xirrus.

![](http:// Xirrus came out and tried something new this morning for their inaugral session at Wireless Field Day (or any Tech Field Day event for that matter). First they gave a brief solutions overview with lots of stats. Typical deployments […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Demos

![](http:// Aerohive is a pretty unique company, they’re a bunch of troublemaking wi-fi whisperers (I can’t remember who said wi-fi whisperers earlier today, but I’m taking it and claiming it as my own) who love to shake the competition up […]