Is Apple Ready to Embrace the Enterprise Again?

![](http:// It’s been a while since anyone in a company using Apple products has felt some love; stagnation of the Mac Pro, user centric configuration, and the Mac App Store have made our jobs difficult. The recent introduction of the […]

Juniper’s De-centralized, Centralized, Intelligent AP, Controller Based Wireless Solution

![]( That’s right, Trapeze Juniper is back and making a real move into the wireless market. I’ll be completely honest, I was a little startled to see their name in the list of vendors. They really pulled it off though. […]

Sophos Update Marks Sophos As A Virus

![](http:// Today a Sophos update is wreaking havoc for many organizations. Any software that has an updater package, including itself, gets flagged as a virus and blocked, claiming it is a virus type “__Shh/Updater-B__”. Fortunately, it does not automatically delete […]

Cisco Talks 802.11u, Demos 802.11ac, and Proves They Can Speak Apple

![]( Cisco brought some cool toys to the party at Wireless Field Day 3 last Friday, as I have already posted. Their 802.11ac demonstration (see video below) had a room full of verbose wireless professionals pretty quiet for a few […]

Aruba Presents at Wireless Field Day 3, Twice

![]( Wow, Aruba decided they had enough they wanted to share at this Wireless Field Day that they booked a double session, then opened the firehose. We spent the entire morning last Friday in an office environment they use for […]

Meraki Shows Everyone What Management U/X Should Be at Wireless Field Day 3

![]( As much as I loved all the vendor demos and no one disappointed, I must say that Meraki wowed me the most with their presentation. It meshed really well, not too much marketing, not too deep into any one […]

Aerohive Releases a Free Bonjour Gateway

![](http:// They did it. Here’s the press release. After you read it head on over to and claim yours. From Aerohive: Aerohive Enables Every Enterprise to Support Apple AirPrint and AirPlay with Free Bonjour Gateway Software Innovation that Changed […]