802.11ac In Real Life

Today I saw 802.11ac running. It was beautiful.

Cisco brought out their modular "vaporware" 3602 802.11ac module and actually turned it on for us. Yes it’s real and look at the picture below, yes it works. I was too excited to grab my Wi-Spy, but there were enough nerds in the room that captures and spectrum analysis tools were running thanks to MetaGeek (Chanalyzer rocks by the way). The client ran at approximately 560Mbps, wavering a bit up and down. It was amazing to see and I thank Cisco for showing it off.


802.11ac in Chanalyzer. Image courtesy of Sean Rynearson of [WifiGeeks.org](http://wifigeeks.org)

As Rocky (@bionicrocky on Twitter) said when they were done… "Do it again!"

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