Is Apple Ready to Embrace the Enterprise Again?


It’s been a while since anyone in a company using Apple products has felt some love; stagnation of the Mac Pro, user centric configuration, and the Mac App Store have made our jobs difficult. The recent introduction of the [Volume Purchase Program]( (still a work in progress) and some changes in iOS (mainly leveraged via third-party MDM solutions) have put the application and mobile side of the house in order but not much else. Many enterprises use Apple products differently than initially intended which can account for some of the lacking features. After the second or third revision of a device though, Apple should adapt to what the users need.

Today they’ve done just that. In an update for the AppleTV (version 5.1 for the 2nd and 3rd generation), Apple introduced the ability to configure and deploy enterprise 802.1x wireless profiles to those nifty little toys amazingly simple to use display mirroring, perfect for classroom/boardroom, presentation tools. It’s the first step in quite a few that will be needed to make them "enterprise class" but it’s a welcomed feature (cough AD/OD integration cough). Couple this new ability with all of the recent Bonjour Gateway announcements from wireless vendors and you’ve got yourself an nice way to send them throughout your company without the need for a wire or a MAC filtered open/PSK SSID.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions.

Thanks Apple.

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