Aruba Presents at Wireless Field Day 3, Twice


Wow, Aruba decided they had enough they wanted to share at this Wireless Field Day that they booked a double session, then opened the firehose. We spent the entire morning last Friday in an office environment they use for testing scenarios and products. As you can see from the list of videos below, they weren’t kidding around.

After breakfast, they ushered us into a cubicle area and started into demo mode. 40 laptops streaming multicast video from a single AP. It wasn’t perfect, eventhough they mentioned that it was flawless earlier that morning during a demonstration, but impressive nonetheless. What I would’ve preferred to see is a demo of a real world environment. One with the laptops scattered around the congested room, sitting on laps, no direct line of sight to the AP with the delegates watching the video individually on their own station. As I said though, still streamed clearly enough to be impressive, nearly flawless. After the demo we were taken through a high density stadium design session which was pretty interesting to see and incredibly difficult to do right.

From there, we moved back into the meeting room and it all began. We were hit with feature after feature in Clearpass and the wireless controllers. It was a bit overwhelming and was a long morning, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was nervous about seeing Clearpass, a merger between two recent acquisitions (Avenda and Amigopod). It’s rare that a product tie-in is so polished so quickly, but they did it well. They even managed to cram a Bonjour gateway into the product.I really can’t do their entire session justice in my own words, so watch the videos below to see what’s going on at Aruba these days.

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