Bowling With Aerohive


Apparently Aerohive didn’t have much time to put together a presentation for Wireless Field Day 3, so they didn’t do a presentation. That didn’t stop them from still sponsoring the event and taking us out to dinner to show us some of their wares (basically a half session in a bowling alley except they were only allowed to give a brief presentation and it wasn’t streamed). It was a nice little party with a bunch of tech talk about all kinds of things they have going on. At long last I _finally_ got a full explanation from [Andrew Von Nagy]([@revolutionwifi]( on Twitter) that covered the layer 3 roaming issues which were conveyed to me a couple years ago, but I’ll write that up later.

So other than a lot of good people, good food, bocche ball, and some Beastie Boys it was pretty uneventful. They have a solid product line which is a distributed cooperative controller based solution (each AP can acts as a controller and all switching is done local to the AP). There are also some branch office/teleworker setups in their catalog. Nice equipment, nice price, and disruptive to the previous regimes which is always a plus in my book.
Oh, there was that one thing… starting this Monday (Sept. 17th, 2012) you will be able to download a Bonjour Gateway VMware appliance and run it on your network for free. Free. This functionality did require an Aerohive device to be present on the network, just a single AP connect via trunk to the required VLANs. Not only has Aerohive beaten the other vendors to market with this functionality and made it agnostic, they’re giving it away in a neat little VMware image without the need for any hardware at all. I think I know what I’ll be doing Monday morning.

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