Cisco Announces Intent to Purchase Meraki

![]( Yesterday there was a flurry of activity on Twitter when Tom Hollingsworth ([@networkingnerd]( broke the news that Cisco was announcing its intent to acquire San Francisco based Meraki. His article is over at []( Now I have to throw […]

Cisco Talks 802.11u, Demos 802.11ac, and Proves They Can Speak Apple

![]( Cisco brought some cool toys to the party at Wireless Field Day 3 last Friday, as I have already posted. Their 802.11ac demonstration (see video below) had a room full of verbose wireless professionals pretty quiet for a few […]

On Being a Customer Speaker and Panel Member at Cisco Live…

This year I was invited to present a customer case study of my network at Cisco Live outlining all that Cisco products have provided for security on campus. I mainly spoke about our packet shaper, the Services Control Engine (SCE), […]

ASR Zone Based Firewall HTTP Inspection Issues

We recently upgraded our border router to a Cisco ASR 1001 and installed it using a zone-based firewall. Soon after installation we received reports from around campus that downloads were being interrupted and failing. After some research we narrowed it […]