Is Apple Ready to Embrace the Enterprise Again?

![](http:// It’s been a while since anyone in a company using Apple products has felt some love; stagnation of the Mac Pro, user centric configuration, and the Mac App Store have made our jobs difficult. The recent introduction of the […]

Sophos Update Marks Sophos As A Virus

![](http:// Today a Sophos update is wreaking havoc for many organizations. Any software that has an updater package, including itself, gets flagged as a virus and blocked, claiming it is a virus type “__Shh/Updater-B__”. Fortunately, it does not automatically delete […]

ASR Zone Based Firewall HTTP Inspection Issues

We recently upgraded our border router to a Cisco ASR 1001 and installed it using a zone-based firewall. Soon after installation we received reports from around campus that downloads were being interrupted and failing. After some research we narrowed it […]