NMS UIs and the Product Managers That Hate Us

Warning: I’m angry about this. I’m ranting. I’m sitting here at Airtight Networks for Wireless Field Day watching a demo of their new wireless networking offering. Right off the bat all the delegates in the room noticed one thing, HTML5 […]

Real World Testing of Wii U: Can It Coexist With Wifi? (Preview)

![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/use-all-the-channels.jpg) It’s no surprise that a device using a proprietary technology based in the 5GHz ISM band doesn’t play nice with 802.11. The thing that is surprising though, is how unfriendly it really is. Working in the edu space, I’m […]

Nerd Overload at Tech Field Day 9 and Cisco Live

![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/commvault_150.png) ![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/dell_tfd9.jpg) ![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/neverfail_150.png) ![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/nutanix_150.png) ![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/sw_150.png) ![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/veeam_150.png) The second half of June is going to be rough for my family, my job, and my sleep patterns… but it’s going to be awesome. Starting on the 19th I’ll be in Austin, TX […]