Cisco Talks 802.11u, Demos 802.11ac, and Proves They Can Speak Apple


Cisco brought some cool toys to the party at Wireless Field Day 3 last Friday, as I have already posted. Their 802.11ac demonstration (see video below) had a room full of verbose wireless professionals pretty quiet for a few minutes. That wasn’t all they were there to talk about though.

Bob Friday kicked the session off with some conversation and slides about 802.11u. He talked about the initiative, driving factors, and major hurdles that are still in the way. It was a great conversation.

Next up was the 802.11ac demo. No more needs to be said, just watch the video.

The last video below is where Cisco brings their version of the answer to the ever-present "Apple in the Enterprise" problem. We saw a lot of this throughout the week and each one was a slightly different approach, yet ending with the same results. Basically, if you have enterprise wireless now you will have a Bonjour gateway feature soon.

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