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So the iPhone 4s was released last Friday much to this gadget-addicted nerd’s delight. The iPhone and I have a story that goes back a few years involving many models and a few technological infidelities… I won’t go into specific features, just my experience and how Steve Jobs and Apple have won me over.

For me, the iPhone got off to a slow start. I wanted nothing to do with it. It was first released with no 3G capabilities to a world of styluses (stylii?) and slide out keyboards. How did these crazies at Apple expect a big guy like me to type on a small screen like that, with my finger?!? Then it was upgraded a year later. The second iteration caught my eye with it’s slim figure and blazing fast network speeds. I needed it. I camped out for it. I was not blown away like I was expecting. It was a good phone, but lacked a lot of standard features and apps. After the honeymoon of a new phone was over, I Craigslisted it and got a Japanese HTC phone. All was right with the world again, back to Windows Mobile. Then the 3Gs was announced… The speed increase, larger sizes, blah, blah, blah. I frothed at the mouth for it, and ended up getting it (no camping this time). It felt better. The OS got zippier, the App Store was brimming full of goodies (finally an SSH client worth using), good camera, and you could almost use it completely without a jailbreak. I was happy, no need to sell it this time. It was a sufficient phone. Still not amazed but very happy.

Fast forward 4 months. I get a job offer in northwestern Pa. I take it and leave the city behind. Come to find out I also left behind any useable AT&T coverage. Crap. Time to sell the iPhone and move to another carrier. Verizon it is and now I get to play with the fabled Android. I picked a Droid Eris because besides Apple, no one can get a phone right except HTC. I hated it. Verizon calls me 6 months into my contract and offers me a shiny new (and not selling well) Palm Pre with free Wifi tethering for life! I remember the good old days of my trusty Treo and gladly accept it. Goodbye Android, may we never meet again. WebOS was garbage, but since I have free Wifi tethering and an iPad I never have to use it. 🙂 While in this abyss of a small town, I watch as iOS 4 is announced and released. I see the iPhone 4 with it’s sleek lines, chrome antenna, and beautiful display is released. I hate my life for not being somewhere I can have that phone (that’s the slightly dramatized version of it, but you get the idea). If they do nothing else, Apple develops the most gorgeous creations. It’s art that has a function.

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