Meraki Shows Everyone What Management U/X Should Be at Wireless Field Day 3


As much as I loved all the vendor demos and no one disappointed, I must say that Meraki wowed me the most with their presentation. It meshed really well, not too much marketing, not too deep into any one area. They went over their entire product line; APs, firewalls, and switches. Mainly focused on the AP (as they should be at Wireless Field Day), they talked about the hardware design, testing, verification, and how they keep everything inexpensive but quality manufactured.

Meraki took the opportunity to announce two new features during the presentation. First off, Android support in the Meraki Systems Manager is working and coming to the dashboard soon. The second announcement is a new feature called "Backpack" which gives administrators the ability to drop files onto devices based on tags, similar to the way apps and configurations are done now. This can simplify a lot of different function, one example given was a new hire getting a digital copy of the employee handbook upon turning on their issued phone for the first time.
Watch the videos below to find out everything Meraki demoed, you won’t be disappointed.

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