Metageeking Out at Wireless Field Day 3


MetaGeek took some time to sit down with the Wireless Field Day delegates and show us some new updates to their software for layer 1 & 2 analysis in a wireless environment. We got a quick look at inSSIDer but dove a bit deeper into the new features of Chanalyzer Pro and Eye P.A. This software is nothing short of impressive. MetaGeek has clearly taken the time to learn the market and technology of their customers (Keith Parsons was brought in to do a wireless networking training session with the entire development team).

Ryan Woodings and Trent Cutler started off showing the new features of inSSIDer (also offering a discount on the OSX version available in the Mac App Store for the duration of Wireless Field Day which you can grab over here until Friday, September 14th). Now they also have a fully featured Android client and the Windows version has been upgraded to include an advanced filtering system.

Next up what Chanalyzer Pro and all the new bells and whistles. The interface is clean and easy to read (if you know what you’re looking for).

Waterfall: The waterfall provides your timeline of the capture. You can scroll through and select timeframes to drill down and analyze. You can also name locations in time which can be displayed separately in the waterfall as mini captures.

Filters: The advanced filtering allows you to specify particular information you want to include or exclude. It does exactly what you’d expect, but is so clean, fast, and granular.

Reports: The reporting engine gives the power to build an information packed document. You can build pre-defined blocks and customize them to make sure you have exactly what you need. On top of that, it will respect the filters applied to the currently selected capture and populate the added blocks with the pertinent information. Combine all those blocks together and you can create a predefined report, text/information sections and all, exportable to .rtf or .html files.

Spectrum Analysis: During a capture you can apply filters live for quick access to the information needed or you can wait to select your needed information for a later time during playback. The software supports live or playback functionality in single or dual band (requires two adapters) mode.

Eye P.A.: I wish I could do it justice, but you really need to see it to believe it. Watch the video below. Eye P.A. is amazing, visualizing your .pcap files within a slick and fully filterable interface. Seriously, watch it. Now.

To see it all in action, watch the full recording of the session below.

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