Upgrading the Branch Right, Cheap, or Quick – Pick Two: A Tale of ‘Passion and Soul’

![](http://static.techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Meraki.jpg) There’s has been a lot of buzz about Meraki lately due to the [recent announcement of their probable acquisition by Cisco](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/cisco-snatches-meraki). Prior to that they had been making a lot of headway into the small and mid markets; gaining […]

Cisco Announces Intent to Purchase Meraki

![](http://static.techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Meraki.jpg) Yesterday there was a flurry of activity on Twitter when Tom Hollingsworth ([@networkingnerd](http://twitter.com/networkingnerd)) broke the news that Cisco was announcing its intent to acquire San Francisco based Meraki. His article is over at [http://networkingnerd.net](http://networkingnerd.net/2012/11/18/cisco-to-buy-meraki/). Now I have to throw […]

Making the CR-48 Useful Again by Getting Rid of ChromeOS

Google CR-48 A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to be given a CR-48 by Google when they first launched the ChromeOS platform. It’s a neat little laptop with a lot of potential housing an Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz […]

Is Apple Ready to Embrace the Enterprise Again?

![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/apple.png) It’s been a while since anyone in a company using Apple products has felt some love; stagnation of the Mac Pro, user centric configuration, and the Mac App Store have made our jobs difficult. The recent introduction of the […]

Juniper’s De-centralized, Centralized, Intelligent AP, Controller Based Wireless Solution

![](http://techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Juniper-wpcf_100x28.gif) That’s right, Trapeze Juniper is back and making a real move into the wireless market. I’ll be completely honest, I was a little startled to see their name in the list of vendors. They really pulled it off though. […]

Tanaza at WFD3

![](http://techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/tanaza-white_60pxh-wpcf_100x20.jpg) __Updated 9/19/2012:__ Added new video of user interface and configuration. See below. Tanaza was a bit of a wildcard. I wasn’t sure what their play was coming to Wireless Field Day as they aren’t really geared at enterprise like […]

Sophos Update Marks Sophos As A Virus

![](http://https://www.techvangelist.net/content/images/sophos-logo.jpg) Today a Sophos update is wreaking havoc for many organizations. Any software that has an updater package, including itself, gets flagged as a virus and blocked, claiming it is a virus type “__Shh/Updater-B__”. Fortunately, it does not automatically delete […]

Cisco Talks 802.11u, Demos 802.11ac, and Proves They Can Speak Apple

![](http://techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Cisco.gif) Cisco brought some cool toys to the party at Wireless Field Day 3 last Friday, as I have already posted. Their 802.11ac demonstration (see video below) had a room full of verbose wireless professionals pretty quiet for a few […]

Aruba Presents at Wireless Field Day 3, Twice

![](http://static.techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Aruba.jpg) Wow, Aruba decided they had enough they wanted to share at this Wireless Field Day that they booked a double session, then opened the firehose. We spent the entire morning last Friday in an office environment they use for […]

A Nerdy Afternoon with Ruckus Wireless

![](http://static.techfieldday.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Ruckus.jpg) When the delegates arrived at Ruckus Wireless’ new headquarters we were greeted by two signs hanging boldly out front. The smaller of the two is seen here to the right. It was nice to see companies rolling out the […]