A Nerdy Afternoon with Ruckus Wireless


When the delegates arrived at Ruckus Wireless’ new headquarters we were greeted by two signs hanging boldly out front. The smaller of the two is seen here to the right. It was nice to see companies rolling out the red carpet and not just throwing us into some back room. They happily led us in and got started. The videos below are the sessions we sat through which were a great overview of how and why Ruckus does what it does culminating in some complete nerding out with Bill Kish and Victor Shtriom. Watch below to see what Ruckus is all about. All in all I was really impressed with them and the fact that they simply wanted to reinforce the fact that they lead because of the dedication to perfection within their antennas and radios. The off camera tour of the R&D facility was astounding by the way.

Ruckus Welcomes Wireless Field Day 3
Oh, and this was the other, way bigger sign out front. They’re in the same neighborhood as a lot of the other players in the wireless game including Aerohive and Juniper. I love their boldness.

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