Sophos Update Marks Sophos As A Virus


Today a Sophos update is wreaking havoc for many organizations. Any software that has an updater package, including itself, gets flagged as a virus and blocked, claiming it is a virus type “__Shh/Updater-B__”. Fortunately, it does not automatically delete anything; only quarantining it from the rest of the system. Currently all phones are busy, email support is unresponsive, and there is nothing on their site about the issue. The only informaton is seen on the company [forums]( The most recent post from a user includes an update email from support responding to them. The response states that if LiveProtection is enabled the files will be marked as clean shortly. If not, you will see everything clear up after the next update.

At my company, our Sophos admins have put a workaround in place by creating exceptions for any and all known applications (including Sophos) that include these updaters. We can now run the programs without a popup or warning and it seems to have fixed our issues for now.

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