Tanaza at WFD3


__Updated 9/19/2012:__ Added new video of user interface and configuration. See below.

Tanaza was a bit of a wildcard. I wasn’t sure what their play was coming to Wireless Field Day as they aren’t really geared at enterprise like the rest. As it turns out, Sebastiano Bertani was simply looking to get a bit of exposure and a lot of feedback. The idea is to take off the shelf SOHO hardware and make it centrally manageable. By using an agent that sits on a desktop and making LUA calls to the web based administration pages they can configure the devices and make changes remotely. It’s an ingenious little trick and will give a lot of small MSP providers more options for tiny customers as well as bring these capabilities to those who can’t afford it.

The product is still young but has a lot of promise and the fact that they came to Wireless Field Day for feedback shows commitment to getting it right. We saw a brief demo and the interface is slick, intuitive, and not overly complicated. Watch the videos below to check out who and what Tanaza is.

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