The Road to Cisco Live 2012

This past year my company purchased a brand spanking new wireless network from Cisco. We got everything, CleanAir APs, Dual Controllers, Prime NCS, ISE, MSE… the quintessential, flagship, Cisco wireless network. Due to all of this and being in Higher Ed, my Account Manager thought he might be able to get some perks for me as well as get a nice referral out of the sale. I have done a couple onsite demos for him of the technology and how we use it. I don’t just do this to help Cisco out, but it allows me to meet other professionals in the area. It’s a form of sponsored networking. One of the ideas my AM had was to sit on a panel at Cisco Live this year. I thought that would be pretty cool to sit with the big dogs of wireless and weigh in on Higher Ed and BYOD and how "It’s so easy a lowly routing/switching engineer can do it!" As it turns out they had other ideas. A pitch was tossed my way to have my own session and to talk about what we’re doing at my company, an introductory session that is more of a case study than a teaching session. "Great, I can do that" I said eagerly before realizing I don’t do public speaking. I have never spoken to more than half a dozen people and never for any sort of length. Also, as it turns out, Cisco isn’t big in meddling with case study type presentations (which is great). That also means they don’t really want to check it over, offer tips, or hints, or a life preserver (which isn’t great). So if you happen to step into my session and witness a mental breakdown you’ll know why. I’m going to keep a running series on the entire experience here, so keep checking back as we get closer to Cisco Live!

As of right now I am sitting on a BYOD panel Wednesday morning and running my own session around lunchtime later that day. (see my schedule in the sidebar for more info) Feel free to drop in, I’ll try to make it fun in one way it another.

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