VMworld 2012: Day 3

I spent most of my mornings at VMworld this year taking care of work back home. Day 3 started out with a sputter and I was a bit slow moving after the long night on Day 2. Once I was fully awake and had taken care of what needed to be done back at home it was noon and I was ready to face the crowds, so I headed to the Solutions Exchange. I was on a mission and specifically wanted to talk to Juniper about an upcoming DC redesign project that I thought they might be right for (another post to come on the products later). I ended up spending quite a bit of time in their booth talking about firewalls and switches. I was on a schedule and didn’t have time to talk to the security team about vGW and vSRX, but I went back later for that.

By 2:00 I was back in my room and getting ready for the Tech Field Day round table with Nutanix which was at 3:00pm (more in another post soon, I promise). This time I didn’t participate in the recording since I was in the presence of some great minds and they all had a lot more to say than I did. All I can say is, Wow. They have some really cool tech and I’m sure you’ll agree once I fully recover and get it all into a post. If you don’t know anything about them, check out their site. Similar to Scale, they are a converged infrastructure solution but with a different target demographic.

Anyway… After the briefing was over at about 4:15pm, I headed back to the Solutions Exchange to talk to Juniper a bit more and ended up closing the place down. Great stuff, and I’m excited to be talking to my rep already about how we might be able to integrate it in my DC. Once I left there I went back to my hotel, wrote a bit up on what I had seen, took a shower, and headed to the Cisco Datacenter vBacon tweetup at about 8:30pm. Tweetups are usually a really fun place to hang out, if you know people, but I felt a bit out of place here and didn’t hang around long. They did have bacon, and lots of it.

By 9:30 I was with Josh O’Brien again (yes, network guys flock together, especially in a hostile environment) and we were looking for food with a local who also happened to work for Nutanix (She was taking Josh around town in return for his dedication to standing in their booth all day as a client reference). She brought us to this little hole in the wall dive bar that ended up having the most amazing hamburger I’ve ever tasted. Add that to the list, find a local and you’ll never go wrong for dinner. From there we met back up with Matt Oswalt at an overcrowded bar which we quickly left to go to another ridiculously overcrowded bar.

After immediately leaving that bar, now with another vendor in tow, we got to a door with no sign and just a little lit up doorbell. They told us to go around to the other side and say the password (?!) to get in. Once inside we found out that this was a legitimate speakeasy, bookcase doorways and all. There were barely any patrons, the drinks were expensive, and the company was great. I had a lot of fun until I was introduced to an evil bastard named The Moscow Mule. From there it went all downhill. I won’t bore you with details, but I didn’t get back to my room until well after last call (2:00am), and made sure to down some water with a handful of Advil before going to bed.

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