Wireless Field Day 5: The Spectrum Strikes Back

This week I will be joining a group of incredibly talented individuals in San Jose for another installment of Tech Field Day. The vendor line up is interesting this time around. We’ll be introduced to a company that has not participated in Wireless Field Day despite the pleas of delegates past as well as a couple new companies being welcomed to the mix. As Jennifer said last week… Crap. Wireless Field Day is here.

Starring (in no particular order):

@BlakeKrone Blake Krone is Cisco CCIE Wireless and CWNA certified Wireless Network Architect with experience designing and deploying enterprise class networks supporting hundreds of APs and multiple controllers for Voice, Data, and RTLS.
@WiFiKiwi Chris Lyttle has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and is a Managing Principal Consultant who specializes in mobile and wireless security.
@DaleRapp Dale is currently an application project manager and has a passion for wireless networking and IT security.
@SimplyWiFi Daniel Cybulskie is a Senior Security Consultant out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.
@WirelesssGuru George Stefanick is a Wireless Architect employed by a large healthcare system in the Texas Medical Center.
@JSnyder81 Jake is a Systems Engineer focused on designing and deploying wireless networks in the Pacific Northwest.
@JenniferLucille Jennifer has over 10 years of experience in the networking and wireless engineering industry.
@KeithRParsons Keith Parsons is Managing Director of the Institute for Network Professionals.
@WiredNot Lee Badman currently writes for Network Computing Magazine as Wireless and Mobility blogger, and has over twelve years of professional industry analysis under his belt.
@Samuel_Clements Sam Clements is an avid wireless technologist with a passion for all things mobility.