Wireless Field Day 3: Updated

Another delegate has been added to the list for Wireless Field Day 3, Keith R. Parsons (Site: Wireless LAN Professionals, Twitter: @keithrparson). Keith is an IT professional with a ton of experience, and since 2002 has been focused entirely on WLAN systems.

Wireless Field DayWireless Field Day

All of these vendors have unique offerings and great products and I can’t wait to dive in a bit deeper and get a look at anything they might be bringing to show off. to be completely honest I think I’m most excited to see how Friday is going to go. My hope is that Cisco is going show off their 3600 802.11ac module and either dispel or confirm the rumors of a subpar radio and the alleged difficult and costly upgrade path, a debate that has been going on over at Sam Clement’s blog, http://sc-wifi.com. I’m also interested to see if Aruba will be expanding and enhancing their Clearpass BYOD solution (a system I hope to demo and write up an article or two on before September).


15:00-17:00 @WildPackets wildpackets.com
16:30-17:00 @Aerohive blogs.aerohive.com


08:00-10:00 @MetaGeek metageek.net
10:30-12:30 @RuckusWireless ruckuswireless.com
*ADDED* 13:30-14:30 @TanazaCloud tanaza.com
16:00-18:00 @Meraki meraki.com


08:00-12:00 @ArubaNetworks arubanetworks.com
13:30-15:30 @Cisco_Mobility cisco.com/go/wireless
*ADDED* 16:00-18:00 @JuniperNetworks juniper.net

Update 8/26/2012: Initially, as you can see in my initial post from July, I was excited to see a fight break out. 🙂 I was also hoping (and failed) to get some time to demo Aruba’s ClearPass solution. Although, I did mess around briefly with Meraki’s MDM and Cloud Control Panel (future post?). Now I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to the most. So many companies with so much good tech and different ways of approaching the solutions.

I’m still green in the wireless field and I imagine I’m going to be like a kid meeting Santa for the first time when I get into the presence of all this combined RF knowledge (on both sides of the table). I’ll be grinning from ear to ear thinking of every possible thing I can say and question to ask until I get up close. At which point I will either run away crying, wet myself, or lock up in sheer excitement. Hopefully I can manage a Ralphie and pull it together before it all ends and get my Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle.

As you can see from the table above, we have two new vendors lined up for the fun.

  • Tanaza is a cloud wireless provider a bit unlike the rest. It’s a really unique approach, they use existing consumer and SMB grade hardware which ties back to their cloud control platform. I’m intrigued by this and really want to know more about it.
  • Juniper is coming also. I can only assume they’re bringing Trapeze wireless gear and maybe some new offerings and features they’ve added. I don’t know much about Juniper/Trapeze wireless solutions and since I am on the hunt for new knowledge all the time, I will be paying close attention to this one (not that I won’t be paying attention to anyone else… but you get the idea).

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